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Keeping your home clean can be overwhelming with all of life's demands. Our cleaning professionals are happy to lend a hand to keep your house looking good so you can enjoy your downtime and conserve your energy. We provide routine cleaning and as-needed support.


Your business is where you bring value to your community. A messy space means you are hard at work! Let us help keep things organized and tidy so you can focus on living out your dream. No matter if your business is big or small, we are here to help spruce it up.


Washington is the perfect place to getaway for the summer. When you set off to your vacation home, you certainly don't want to come into dust and cobwebs. We can get your vacation home looking pristine again and maintain it while you are away for the winter.


Putting together a beautiful wedding or a successful fundraiser takes a lot of hard work. After pulling it off, you don't want to be stuck cleaning up too. For every special occasion, let us come in and clean up the aftermath so you can sit back and celebrate.

Dusting/Wipe Down

  • Touch Up 

  • Thorough


  • Clean/Disinfect All Surfaces

  • Disinfect Toilets

  • Sinks (Pumice as Needed)

  • Thorough Wipe Down

  • Shower/Bath

  • Glass/Mirrors

  • Restock Items

  • Wash/Restock Towels


  • Touch Up Vacuum/Mop

  • Thorough Vacuum/Mop


  • Clean/Disinfect All Surfaces

  • Appliance Wipe Down

  • Baseboard Wipe Down

  • Fridge/Freezer Cleanout

  • Cabinet Cleanout

  • Dishes

  • Restock Items


  • Change/Make Beds

  • Wash/Dry Sheets/Towels


  • Touch Up

Waste Management

  • Garbage/Recycling

Call us for your personalized quote!


Options for Everyone

We know everyone has unique cleaning needs and we are happy to accommodate your requests wherever we can. Whether you have a construction site to clean up or need to get your rental home move-in ready, our cleaning professionals can help.


In addition to our routine or thorough cleaning services, we also provide deep-cleaning specialty options for your most intensive jobs. From carpet cleaning to blinds and light fixtures, we can cover every nook and cranny to make your space absolutely spotless. 

Not sure if we can clean your space? Tell us more so we can share our services and options with you to meet your every cleaning need! 

Proudly serving Trout Lake and surrounding areas.

(503) 863-7763

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